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Full Version: MySQL question
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I crashed my server a while back and had SQL working fine. I've rebuilt my volume and have a ton of movies and tv shows added back in. I exported my library, added my advanced settings.xml, and then imported te library and all seems ok. However, if I stop a program in one room, it doesn't give me the option to resume in another room. How an I make sure so is functioning correctly?
Does it resume on the main machine if you stop and then start it again?
Yes, in fact I added media on my main computer and they showed up in xbmc on my main htpc but not my bedroom one. I have advanced settings on both but the bedroom PC is acting like its not connected to the database. In fact, it scans and scrapes instead of just recognizing the media from the database. If te advanced settings is in there I don't understand why just that one PC won't connect to the database. Is it a setting in xbmc that maybe I missed?
do you have the same sources.xml as well?
and the log file for xbmc might give you a hint if its refusing the mysql connection too ?
You don't need the same sources.xml.

Debug log from the non-connectiong XBMC is indeed needed