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Full Version: XBMC and DirecTV / DirecTV Genie
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With changes coming to my local cable provider, I'm seriously looking into signing up for DirecTV. However, I'm curious on how this can interact with XBMC.

Currently, I use cable with no converter boxes + antenna (for HD). I can connect as many tuner cards as I want (have 5 HVR-1800 plus 1 old PVR-500). Each TV tuner is in its own computer, but I could always move the cards in a single computer as a network/server based setup.

I know with DirecTV I will have to pay for each "TV connection", which is a drawback. However, this cost may be negligible with cable company changes. So I have been looking at the DirecTV "Genie" setup, with a total of 4 tuners.

Obviously this will limit the amount of tuners I can use (down from unlimited to 4), but what other configuration/setup do I need to account for. Can I still view live TV in XBMC? Or do I need to look at having the TV "portion" in a separate HDMI connection to each TV and then another HDMI source as XBMC (with movies, music, recorded tv, etc., etc.)?