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Full Version: Why is not all TVshows added to DB?
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I have installed 12.0 Frodo and somehow I got duplicate movie entries in my mySQL db.
So today I deleted xbmc_Video75 and readded movies and TV-shows. But only a part of my TV-shows have been readded.
Most are only visible in the Video section...

How can I force XBMC to add all shows? I have tried switching from tvdb to epguides without finding more of them.

And if I select "Scan for new Content" it runs a minute or two and then stops.

Everything was loaded before, so the meta data should be correct...
If you are certain your naming is correct, and corresponds with tvdb naming, then I would try switching on debug logging before scanning to see what is happening.
OK, thanks. Will do that.
My other option is to be a bit more patient and wait it out. I think that it may take more than 2-3 hours...