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Full Version: FRODO: AVCHD not playing smoothly and stutters after fast forward
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I was very happy to notice that AVCHD-lite files (video's made with my Panasonic LUMIX DMC-TZ7) are playing correct on XBMC (FRODO)
This was not the case in EDEN: see also http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=80399, Latency for video: audio is not in sync.

if a AVCHD-file is playing and you press the "cursor up" button on the keyboard (skip some seconds to move forward), the movie is not playing correctly at all: audio not in sync and the movie also "stutters". (remark: This is both for EDEN and FRODO.)

Tested on several WIN7-machines,
A test file can be found on http://dl.dropbox.com/u/107578585/XBMC/t...enklap.MTS

Does anybody experience this same problem?

Any feedback is appreciated.
Kind regards,

I played this movie on my Barebone with OpenELEC 2.99.3 without any problems when hit the ‘up’ cursor.
When I use my Windows 7 pc with Xbmc Frodo I get also ‘stuttering’.


Thanx for testing!
With this knowledge, I used an OpenELEC USB bootable stick to boot my PC. It appears that the problem was solved here too!!!

Thus with same hardware
- Windows 7 --> NOT OK (movie stutters after fast forward)
- OpenELEC --> OK
This was even the case with EDEN!

Does anybody experience the same problems on WIN 7 ? Or is there something wrong with my own installation of WIN 7 (and that from Johan apparently too)

Kind regards,
I have played back AVCHD from Sony and the "quality" and "smoothness" of the video does not seem to be present. This is running on a Core 2 Duo. Maybe im on the cusp of the hardware playback, unsure. Im using XBMC Live 12.2. There also seems to be some interlacing going on - or frame splitting, it is 1080p footage.