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Full Version: No movies or TV shows on Home screen
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Hi Guys

Im a bit of a luddite when it comes to software and Programs Im running XBMC 13.0-ALPHA1 on my Nexus 7.
I am using the touched skin on the home screen ,I have Videos Pictures Music and Program windows but no Movies or TV shows.
in the settings/skin setting Home screen the category buttons show Movies and TV shows but they are greyed out and I cant get them enabled

Any ideas

I have had no problems adding Videos I have added them from my nexus direct and from my SAN using SMB the problem is at the home screen the movies and TV shows folders/windows are not enabled.
And when i go into the skin settings page it will not allow me to enable it

I noticed that my file structure is slightly different from the tutorial I.e

I have to navigate to Videos/files/add Videos (this were my SAN is along with the movies folder for my nexus)

whereas the Tutorial points directly at Videos/add Videos there is no file folder
Did you follow the guide and set the content though?