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Full Version: A few questions...
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Hello all,

I'm finishing my starting up phase, my movies are sorted with a folder and the file for each movie and I could import them into XBMC, i haven't started playing with audio files and tv shows at the moment...

Now I still have the following problems.

1) Using themovieDB as my main scraper and after setting it up to french it still changes the title of some movies to english, how do i get rid of this ? In the worst case I can rename it but since the folder name is "l'enfer du dimanche" and the file name is "l'enfer du dimanche.mkv" i DON'T want it changed to "any given sunday" ?

2) Additionally I have some problems with sagas, indiana jones works fine, but pirates of the carribean gives me 1 3 and 4 in the saga and 5 (?) outside o the saga, rocky has 1 to 5 inside and 6 outside, star wars is also screwed up with some holiday special sequel, I have 4 times Episode VII....is there a way to manually edit this and where is it located ?

3) Final question related to the previous one, is the movie detection depedant on the skin used ? If I switch from confluence to aeon or transparency will it change the film list appearance and/or sorting ?

Thanks a lot
1, Try using Universal Movie Scraper. Click on "settings" when you are in the "set content" window and you can tweak everything, including titles.

2, Find the problematic entry, bring up the contextual menu and "get info" (or just press "i") and select refresh. From there you can find the correct entry, and it should refresh all data for that movie, including the sets/saga info.

3, Detection is universal.