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Full Version: Video's not found by Scraper not Added
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I'm trying to add video's that are not found by the scaper. There is valid xml data in the folder, but XBMC refuses to add the video.

Any suggestions how to get XBMC to accept my movies?
debug log (wiki)
Tell us the filenames etc and someone will probably pick up your error.
The filenames are probably immaterial. These are video's I took myself. I used Metbrowser to create xml files for the home movies. They are MP4 files.
I have tried adding without a scraper and using the Movie Scraper.
Is your nfo file the same name as your video file? A debug will still allow people to see what might be the issue. Without it, it's just a bunch of questions and guesses.
This could be the problem. MetaBrowser doesn't create an nfo file, only a mymovies.xml file.

So, do I need to find a utility that will create an nfo file?

Could I grab an nfo file from another movie and just edit it for my home video?
Take a look at the wiki for details on the format the NFO needs to be in. You can grab and NFO from another movie and modify it, or just create a new one using any text editor.
Thanks for the useful information.

So, if I build an nfo file with the correct information, XBMC will use that file for the plot information and add the movie. I hope I have that correct. If I understand this correct, I could build an .nfo file for any movie/video that is not adding properly.

Do I have that correct?
Yes, read the manual on the wiki.
Thanks. This will help immensely. Thanks for your help.
My first video worked! Thanks again to everyone who helped get this resolved for me.
Hate to push my luck....Does anyone have any suggestions for a good nfo creator? I've got quite a few to build and anything to save some time would be great.