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Full Version: How to use "Mediathek"?
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I now have installed the add on "Mediathek", but I do not know how to access it, so that I could watch / download broadcasts. So, how can I access it?
You may want to ask over on the author's support thread for this and his other German video add-ons: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=132563
Ah, OK, good idea, many thanks artrafael,

I assume, meanwhile I have found it out, I wasn' t able to access the add ons at all, but by random I found these"Add-ons" buttons near the items "Music" "Videos" etc.on - I guess it is - "Home", which are displayed when you move the cursor over the little arrow near by these items.

But, there are some add ons e.g "Cine Facts", which do not seem to be accessible be these "Add-ons" buttons near these items, how can I access them, so e.g. Cine Facts?
not sure which skin u use - but if you can't find them either in video or in music - they might be in "programs"...
Thank you, Mephiz,

I use "Confluence Vertical" at the moment (may be I should use another one?).

Yes, that was my thought also, but neither in "Programs" nor anywhere else I have found the other add ons.
Typically, videos add-ons would be accessible from the Videos > Video add-ons submenu item, as you've discovered. I see from the thread I referenced above that you are already getting help from the author of the newer, improved add-on. Smile
Yes, there is help from the author, thanks again for the link.

I am wondering, where / how I can access these add ons providing information about movies like "Cinefacts", "FilmAffinity", "Kino.de"...

Thanks again.
Aren't these all movie scrapers? After installing and configuring a scraper, you need to select it for use on your desired video source location: Videos > Files, locate your main movie folder, open its context menu (keyboard "c" or right mouse click), select "Change content", and on the "Set content" page select your desired movie scraper.
Yes, scrapers, OK, found it, done it, thank you.

Strange, suddenly no notification e-mails anymore.