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Full Version: Bizarre: Fullscreen Music playback 'blanks' after 10 seconds.
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Aeon Nox, Openelec 2.99.RC2

So I'm playing music fullscreen, seeing the album art, artist description.

After 10 or so seconds, the screen clears, but note I do NOT mean that it tries to turn off the screen, turn on screensaver, something like that, it just animates moving the panels off the screen until nothing is left but black.

If I have debugging enabled, the screen does still show the debug status (log directory, memory cpu)

Also, in the debug xbmc.log nothing is shown that co-incides with the actual clearing of the screen.

23:43:00 T:140668984592128 DEBUG: NEWADDON PythonCallbackHandler construction with PyThreadState 0x7ff0040059e0
23:43:01 T:140667762243328 DEBUG: NEWADDON PythonCallbackHandler construction with PyThreadState 0x7fefbc005950
23:43:01 T:140668984592128 DEBUG: Previous line repeats 3 times.

over and over and over again. This only happens in fullscreen music, not in any other screens.

Very strange. Help?