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Full Version: Shared sources scanning problem
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I have an SQL setup all working, computers will scan into the database and they can read from the database, but to scan into it, they have to not be reading from a shared source.xml file. I can see the sources when I open XBMC on any of the computers, but when I try to scan from them, nothing. The logs say this:

Quote:18:22:37 T:1116 NOTICE: VideoInfoScanner: Starting scan ..
18:22:37 T:1116 NOTICE: VideoInfoScanner: Finished scan. Scanning for video info took 00:00

My source that is shared is:

<default pathversion="1"></default>
<default pathversion="1"></default>
<path pathversion="1">smb://FILESERVER/1400 - 1/Movies/</path>
<path pathversion="1">smb://FILESERVER/1400 - 2/Movies/</path>
<path pathversion="1">smb://FILESERVER/1800 - 1/Movies/</path>
<path pathversion="1">smb://FILESERVER/1800 - 2/Movies/</path>
<name>TV Shows</name>
<path pathversion="1">smb://FILESERVER/1400 - 1/TV Shows/</path>
<path pathversion="1">smb://FILESERVER/1400 - 2/TV Shows/</path>
<path pathversion="1">smb://FILESERVER/1800 - 1/TV Shows/</path>
<path pathversion="1">smb://FILESERVER/1800 - 2/TV Shows/</path>
<default pathversion="1"></default>
<default pathversion="1"></default>
<default pathversion="1"></default>

and the advancedsettings is:
<to>smb://FILESERVER/1800 - 3/xbmc/sources.xml</to>

Just to be clear - everything works, except scanning when the sources.xml is on a share. As soon as I take out the pathsubstitution, and move the sources.xml locally, it will scan.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

- P8ntBal1551
I'm not 100% sure, but it started working after i redefined what each source was for (movies = source of movies). After I put it in 1 of my xbmc's they all were able to scan.
That's probably what it was. sources.xml really is just used for files view. Once something is in the library then the path for updates is added to the database. If a file source hasn't had content set for it then it won't be added to the library database.