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Full Version: [REQUEST] 4-9-12-16 Video Pane for RTSP streams
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This is a request for development. I was wondering if anybody thought of doing video surveillance integration with XBMC. most DVR's and IP cameras have direct RTSP or RTP streams that can be accessed via URL. XBMC can play RTPS streams by default by creating playlists.

But has anybody created a plug in that can pull up 4, 9, 12, or 16 video panes to display the cameras?

Could XBMC support viewing that many multiple RTSP streams at the same time?

if something like this already exists, please respond.
This would be a killer app for me too.
Not possible with xbmc media player! It can only play one thing at a time. Only other option is a custom flash media player and use a addon to open the script...
I would have to guess this would be more work than it's worth...