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Full Version: Can't delete EPG/PVR database
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I lost network one evening and it crashed XBMC/tvheadend and now PVR doesn't work anymore.

XBMC reports no PVR client is initialised.

I've uninstalled tvheadend and reinstalled via the Add-ons setting to no avail.

When I try and Delete the PVR or the EPG database, XBMC hangs.

How do I force delete/drop the database?
stop xbmc, delete ~/.xbmc/userdata/Database/Epg*.db and ~/.xbmc/userdata/Database/TV*.db
apologies - forgot to mention I use Openelec.

Is there a way to do that in Openelec as I don't think I can stop XBMC?
you needed to touch some file before killing xbmc, but i completely forgot which one cause i don't use this very often. some OE expert better answer this ;-)
touch /var/lock/xbmc.disabled, I believe