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Full Version: Touched on Surface Pro
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Hi Guys,

I've installed XBMC on the Surface Pro and figured it'd be cool using the Touched Skin (Just like I do on my iPad). Everything works well for the most part, but noticed one big problem. After i play a movie it seems all my touch inputs don't do anything other than bring up the windows with the pause, play, fast forward etc but when that screen is up, clicking on the icons does nothing, I can't even stop the video from playing. Is this a known limitation with Windows Touch devices? Please let me know, thanks!

I can confirm this is the same on a Dell XPS 12. Such a shame - After Xeebo not working properly, this seemed perfect!
I wonder if this is less a skin issue and more a core issue. I have problems with using confluence at the exact same spot, anyone else?
Same problem here. This is driving me nuts. Any workaround yet?

BTW the surface pen works on those controls. Touch does not.
See this thread and download the last version posted.