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Full Version: Audio tags : artist & album artist
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I use as a source for XBMC (Frodo) my logitech media server (formerly squeezeboxserver).
All my files are correctly tagged but XBMC can't read the artist tag. It always indicates "unknown".
All my files have the "artist" tag correctly fulfilled. However I almost never tag the "album artist" tag because it is often redondant.

So my question is : is XBMC reading the "artist" tag or the "album artist" tag? The latter would explain why all my files are interpreted by "unknown" ...

Any idea?
I believe XBMC looks at the artist tag. At least it does on my setup. You might want to find an ID3 tag reader and make sure the artist info is where you think it is. I found this one through a Google search.

Well, I use several tag readers, itunes, logitech media server, etc... and the artist tag is always correct.
It is just xbmc that can't read it...
In the parameters there are criteria to be displayed like %N %A %T...
%A is for the artist.
Is there another one for the Album artist? In case xbmc is confusing between both (artist & album artist)...
No oneHuh

Seems after verifying, that XBMC indeed uses "album artist" tag instead of "artist".
In my case album artist is almost always empty.
if %A represents album artist tag, which letter represents artist?
Yes, I've seen it. But I'm not sure to understand.
I thought if no album artist tag is found, XBMC would read the artist tag. It seems it does not for me....