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Full Version: Movie Information function suddenly not downloading remote art
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Yesterday, all is well. Today, I did that thing that lets you export your downloaded art/posters etc directly to the folders where your movies are (neat function!) though I'm not sure if that's relevant.

Anyway, now if I try to view movie information and then select poster/fanart art, it shows the "current art" as whatever I have now and a few "remote art" options. But each remote art option is a generic image of a clowfish and not the art online. My Internet connection is fine, I rebooted the computer, but no change.

I don't know why it's suddenly not working Sad

Here's the log as required by the forum guidelines:

What, nobody? Nobody has had a problem with this?
Same problem here after i centralized my library ...
Re-installing didn't work. Anyone else? Nada?
Ok, I moved the folders around on my computer (just because they were messy and I deleted the old paths and chose the option for removing the items from the library (since I store everything in the folders anyway) and now it's working again.