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Full Version: XBMC Backup deleting files
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I just had a horrible experience.
I am running Frodo on OSX and I was trying to backup (using XBMC Backup) my configuration to share with my other xbmc boxes. It did not seam to do a backup, I could not find any files in the place I set so I moved it to my removable drive where I keep all of my video.. I ran the backup and I saw the words come up deleting movies (my folder will all my movies) and yep.. Its gone.. WTF.. why would it delete anything, its set to keep 0 (or all according to the text)

also I can not find the configuration there either.. so I have lost 2 TB worth of data, and still no backup of configuration.
Your not the first to lose your stuff because of that addon. I stay away from it..I dont understand why it has that option in the first place...what does it have to do with backing up your configuration...If its going to contain such a option, it should be clearer on how to activate it so that people dont loose there stuff so easily.

Quote:The types of files you can backup from XBMC include:
User Addons - Addon's you've downloaded
Addon Data - Settings associated with your addons
Database - The SQLite Databases
Playlists - Your playlist folder
Thumbnails/Fanart - downloaded images
Config Files - sources.xml, guisettings.xml, advancedsettings.xml, etc

I would just backup my XBMC myself manually. Its not hard and lot less risky then that addon. Create a batch file that copies your userdata file to a safe location. If you want a schedule, there are many ways out there to that also.
Not glad that I am not the only one, but it does bring some piece of mind knowing that I am not crazy.
I am slowly restoring, by doing a block by block check for data... Some of it I will not worry about, but some my kids have destroyed the DVD's ..

Good advice, I was attempting to sync all my XBMC ( I have a few on apple TV) so I would not have to go through and adjust each one to make them the same.. Manual is the way to go, I posted mainly to point out that you can loose data with this plugin and maybe the author would see this and explain why it deletes data and fix it.. So no others go through this.. Yes I should have a backup, but ironically my backup of that drive died.. I should have known something would happen as soon as the backup died.
how do you delete kodi backup files, every time i hit delete it ask me for permission form everyone please help, trying going to kodi under backup programs, tried going to the location a hitting delete, nothing .. i really do not want to format my drive to get rid of the backup files .