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Full Version: Nightly Main Bar Translation Bug
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Hello i have noticed that the main bar translation stays in English instead of the current language.

For example Movies, videos,system etc is not translated

This bug affects not Frodo but the latest nightlies...
Yeah this is kind of a problem with Frodo ronie changed the way that its read and instead of using the default stings it now uses custom uppercase strings.
The problem is he did it just before release so no one had managed to translate them yet so in frodo every language will have them in English and since confluence gets packed with xbmc and not a separate download it doesn't get updated like other skins.

About the only solution for you us to run one of the nightly builds that may have had the translations merged back in or too maybe translate them yourself or wait for the next xbmc build
errr... Jezz, it's exactly the other way around ;-)

i made this change after frodo was released.
frodo 12.0 is not affected, nor will 12.1 be, as the changes will not be backported.
Ah sorry ronie I had a brain fart there :-) you are indeed correct the topic even has nightly listed in it doh
The current master tree is not up on Transifex yet.
I want to wait with it, so translators can focus on Frodo service releases.

So this is why it is not translated for any of the languages yet.

Cheers, Attila