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Full Version: Master Lock access from Touched
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Hi All,

I am running XBMC frodo, on a couple of windows boxes, and a couple of ipads.

As I have young kids, both the windows boxes have been set up with a master lock, and I have also set a lock on the parent type movies source.
I let the default boot of xbmc to boot without requesting a master lock key.
Hence when the kids start it up, only the kids movies source is available to them.

When I want to use it, I hit the S key (shutdown context menu) and select the enter master lock item.
This give me full access to all movie sources, not just the kids one.
When I have finshed I hit the S key again, and select 'leave mast mode'.

I have set all this up on the 'Touched' skin on the ipads as well, but I cant seem to find out how to get the Shutdown context menu to appear.

Anyone know?