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Full Version: Movies not detected, question on naming
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Hi all, XBMC newbie here. I have a general question about how to name films to get XBMC to show them. I am using openelec on ION build 1.0.2. and version 10 of xbmc.

Basically when i add videos and specify them as movies and then run the update it only detects about 2/3rds of them - so that's the first problem and my first question. If i have a movie called "the jungle book" and the full name reads "the jungle book.avi" should i remove the .avi from the name? Also, someone said to put in the year it was made but I haven't done that for my other movies that are detected. Is there an alternate movies scrape site (forgive if naming is wrong) that I can install and use?

Second question, even when i add the jungle book manually and it then appears in my movies and go to movie information and reload it doesn't do anything. All i can do is specify my own fanart and thumb but the problem then is that i put the images in the "screen shots" folder and don't know if this is backed up when i run a config backup. I also do not get a film intro telling me what the film is about or a trailer link, is there anyway to add this manually?

Many thanks for looking.
first things first, this is not so much a linux/live specific question as more of a general one and probably should go into the scraper section. second, please get yourself familiarized with the concepts of scraping movie infos. for example, look up a movie called "the jungle book" and you'll see a massive amount of similar movies from different years coming up. in general, yes you do need to add the year of release IF you want the scraper to get it right the first time around. naturally. no magic step involved.

generally, if you have problems with a specific file/movie, look it up on http://www.themoviedb.org/ which is an excellent site and I'm so glad we have it. you'll find all the details you need including alternative movie titles for various countries or even just different spellings which should help you get your files properly named. also if I want different art (poster/movie art) I always create it by myself and upload it to the community at the moviedb, that's just how the whole comcept works.

in general I had really good results with the following file names, also for max. compatibility without spaces:


or something similar

this is how the scraper works: as long as you start with the *proper* name for the movie that will get recognized by themoviedb (particularly check for sequel naming!) and have the year of release directly behind, it doesn't matter too much what you put afterwards. and please, NEVER meddle around with the filetype (.avi)
do not delete .avi or xbmc will not even know that it is a media file.

If you look at themoviedb.org you will see there are at least 7 titles with "the jungle book" including at kleast two that are called just that, without any other embellishments (like "singalong" or "mowgli's story")

Probably the best way to fix it is to date the files, ie name them

the jungle book (1967).avi or
the jungle book (1994).avi

and rescan.

Alternatively go to videos|files and select the filename. Hit "i" (information" then "refresh" - the system will present a list of matching files - choose the right one. If it totally fails to find the right thing, there is a button ("manual" I think) which enebles you to type the correct name.
Hi both and thanks for the feedback. I understand hitting the information and refresh and also that there are sometimes more than onbe film with the same name and you have to go in and reload but that is the problem, it isn't showing anything at all and if i do reload nothing appears except the option to add manually myself.

I will play around with the naming convention. I have one question, if i add my thumb and fan art manually is there anywhere that I can add the film information and the trailer link?

Thanks again.
look at the wiki re nfo files.