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Full Version: where are the pictures kept?
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i want to change the pictures that display on the main page when i select my videos, my pictures, my programs, etc.
i searched the folders for .png's, .jpg's, .bmp's, etc, but could not find them.
do they have a different extension?
or are they in the xbe?
anybody know?
if you are running pmiii then all the pictures are compressed into the textures.xpr file in the media folder of the skin. i would also like to know how to alter these graphics but can't find a program that can handle this file so!!!!!!! if there is any kind developers out there which program should we be using  :bowdown:
pm3 skin files are all uncompressed in cvs
xbmc can run with either uncompressed gfx, or compressed (as in the textures.xpr) compressed images in xpr has priority over "loose" media files. change name of image in xml's and it will work external
cheers pike  :bowdown:  :bowdown:  :bowdown:
thanks for the info and link.