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Full Version: Pseudo Tv - Black Screen
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Im a new user to xbmc and have been playing with alot of the features/add-ons that are available for it and for the most part i've got everthing to work with no problem, except pseudo tv.

Im currently running XBMC Frodo on a Mac Mini. I've downloaded the latest pseudo tv build (Stable-Pre branch). All my media (movies - tv shows) are properly labeled and are all mkv,avi or mp4 files. I have not set up any playlist for custom channels or downloaded a channel pack because from my understanding, it should make some default channels for you upon first running the program. My main goal right now is to just get it working properly.
Now with that being said, whenever I Start pseudo tv, it goes through a channel loading sequence but after it finishes it goes to a blank black screen where i cant do anything and im forced to shut down XBMC in order for it to work again.
I've tried searching for a fix to this problem, look through various guides online, and even posted it on the ptv thread and have not got any answers so i apologise for creating a thread if this is a common problem, but i cant figure out what im doing wrong. I would appreciate any help.
Are you using Trakt? I saw the same behaviour with Trakt enabled.
Not using trakt at the moment...
Try the latest development version.

(2013-03-03, 16:04)mwkurt Wrote: [ -> ]Try the latest development version.


excuse my noob-ness but do you mean download the latest stable pre-branch?
Tried latest develpment version still no good. starting to lose hope... Sad
had this problem for the longest. turns out my issue was so simple. one of my video files had a letter with an a postrophe over it. i got everything up and running now!