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Full Version: [RELEASE] MLS Live
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very nice! I'll add that soon.

Interestingly, when it was reported, I tried to reproduce it and couldn't on the pi (haven't had a chance on my laptop).
(2014-05-25, 03:32)yellowjacket Wrote: [ -> ]The listing of games from MLS this week includes a match involving Ivory Coast using the French name for the country. This name has a unicode character in it which is causing the problem when passed to urlencode. The string from the listing is:

u"C\xf4te d'Ivoire at Bosnia and Herzegovina (05/30 21:30)"

Unfortunately I don't have time tonight to do a pull request, but a quick temporary fix is to open the file mlslive.py in the addon's folder (in linux, ~/.xbmc/addons/plugins/plugin.video.mlslive/) and change the last line in getGameString from:

return game_str


return game_str.encode('utf-8').strip()

That is line 298 in the version I'm using.

Thanks for the suggestion, this fixed the problem for me!
If you guys are still able to reproduce the issue, can you confirm if the .strip() is necessary? It just removes whitespace, and not that its a bad thing, but I wouldn't have expected it to actually fix the problem.

Also, I still cannot reproduce it -- its like I'm getting a list without the game...

Edit: now I can -- odd.
Nevermind, it was a problem with the machine, not with the plugin.
Glad you got it sorted Smile
Perdonen, soy nuevo en el foro. Vivo en colombia y no hablo ingles. Este plugin solamente se ve en EEUU? y pide contraseña y usuario? Tengo que pagar para poder ver los partidos? Ojalá me pudieran responder pronto.

Saludos y felicitaciones por su trabajo en XBMC.
MLSLive sólo está disponible en Estados Unidos, Canadá y México. Se trata de un pago para el servicio.

(used Google translate, please accept whatever errors it may have)
I love this add on, I even registered just so I could comment on it.

Question -- is there a way to change the format / time zone that games are displayed? I'm weird but I'd love to have the 12 hour AM/PM format and the ability to change time zones.

Thanks, hope you enjoy. And no, that's currently not an option. I've got a few other things on the go but maybe later I'll add it.
Thanks. It's more aesthetics than anything.
I love the app and I use it to stream all my away games. It is super useful! I however have recently switched to using PLEX for the most part and I feel like MLS live is the only thing I'm missing there. Would it be easy to port it over to PLEX's as a channel? I'd love to see it on the unofficial plex appstore (https://forums.plex.tv/index.php/topic/2...-appstore/).
Well. The source is on github... Anyone who wants it is free to try
Hi. I am brand new to xbmc/kodi/ android tv. Please pardon my technical dumbness. Lol.

I have never streamed sports before. I want to get the mlslive membership but want to know of this add on is up to date and is still being maintained.

Noticed this thread is not up to date. Can anyone with a 2015 membership please advise.

MicahgHuh Any updates.

Thanks in advance.

TFC Fan Mike
It is up to date and I am maintaining it. We always run the risk of compatibility issues if the service api changes or they go overboard with DRM (right now it's secure but fair).

In not expecting any problems for the 2015 season but if you are nervous maybe wait till I'm able to validate it at the start of next season.
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