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Full Version: New mac mini's
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did a quick search on the wiki and couldn't find anything specific for the mac mini's (i could be blind Smile )

just wondering if the new i5 HD4000 are going to be able to play all the 1080p media, I have 1 or 2 20G mkv bluray rips

I had a pc connected to my screen 55" lcd and I just recently went back to my old mac mini... it seem to be having problem, some thing link sync / scan lines and its very very dark, used to be able to turn up gamme or contrast before ...

Also the sounds ... its connected via optical cable to my amp... the amp light that shows it is processing DTS/AC3 doesn't show up. seems like the mac mini is pre processing and then sending down to the amp.. i am getting the channels
My MacMini middle 2011 have a Intel HD Graphics 3000 512 MB and i can play 35GB+ blueray rip without problem.
Even a 61GB blueray rip i tried yesterday worked out fine.
I have a 2010 bottom of the range and that doesn't break a sweat streaming over my wired network 30-40gb files are fine.

Re: sound. not sure what mac mini you have. if you have a AVR capable of decoding DTS then you should/could check those buttons and Passthrough. Although I can't be sure that works via optical...

I have no issues with colour / gamma that's a very old mac/pc issue