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Full Version: Bello v1.5.5
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Available through XBMC official repo (v1.5.5)

This is the last update for Frodo v12.3. Read here about the Gotham support.

Hello to everyone...

This project was inspired and started based on some great ideas of phyek posted here before 3-4 years a go. After many (without success) attempts from other devs i decided to take this and bring it to life. I don't know if phyek had something similar in mind but for me this is how i like it and i am very happy with result. I hope you like it too.

The skin in code part is based on Confluence which for me is the fastest skin out there and so it was the only way to go since the speed was very important for me on this project.

Some of the main futures
• PVR Support
• Support for Library Editor script by phil65 (requires manual install of the script atm).
• Support for Weather Underground extended futures.
• Support for SkinWidgets service.
• Support for Artist Slideshow script.
• Support for Next Aired Addon with TV Guide.
• Support for Artwork Downloader Addon.
• Support for Global Search Addon.
• Support for TVTunes Addon.
• Support for CU LRC Lyrics Addon.
• Support for XBMC Subtitles Addon.
• Music OSD slide show colors based on tree_jammer idea in Lightbox Skin.
• Unified interface for info dialogs, now playing etc for the whole skin.
• Introducing a new notifications system for TV Shows (using Next Aired info), Weather (using weather alerts) and Add-ons.

watch gallery

Latest Stable Release v1.5.5
• Skin is on the XBMC Official Repo. Go to Add-ons > Get Add-ons > XBMC.org Add-ons > Skin > Bello > Install
Github Repository

Extra Downloads
Blue Theme (thanks to Montellese and relyter for the update)
Weather Fanart Pack 720p

All the posts in this thread from page 1 to page 40 are referring to Beta stage period.
• If any part of this skin you think it has to have credit to someone that i forgot please let me know and i will add it.
• I would suggest to whoever test this skin at this stage to focus on bugs fixes and leave future requests for later
• When you found a bug if is possible please create an issue in github so i can have full picture to what i have to fix.
Please remember that for any developer whose work is for free, the best motivation is the users feedback.

Last but not least i wanna thank phyek for his base ideas on this concept, all the skinners out there for their help (direct or indirect) during the developing, a special thanks to ursli for giving me access on his PVR hardware so i can code the PVR stuff with real time data, and of course Team XBMC for the best Media Center software ever.

Enjoy !

If you like my work and you want to help, click one of the buttons bellow to make a donation.

Image Image

Nessus, this is awesome. It has best of every thing. Will test and let you know if there are any bugs.

once again great job.
Very nice!

Look forward to testing…

This looks fantastic, can't wait to try it out!
Looks like there are lots of views, nice Smile!

Will try it on a RPi, to see if it can be handled by low powered machines (probably have to stay clear of the very fanart heavy views Wink ).

Will post feedback when i've had a change to try it!
nice work, Nessus.
That is AMAZING !!!!
It really is. Haven't tested it yet, but the screenshots are beautiful.

One thing though (and I am only saying that as a my personal feel), I think this view :
would look better and fit the skin more if the artworks were borderless.
Beautiful Skin! Looking forward to trying it out.
Wow looks nice can't wait to try it later tonight ...
This is lovely and so snappy and quick.

One request if possible, would it be possible to have the front menu editable.

I use smart playlists to separate the movies on my box and really need the feature (babysitter gets confused) apologies if I have missed the option.

Either way I am going to stick with it for a few days and will report any problems
tried it out and i gotta say....wow. this is the only skin i've tried untill now in which i like having color in the different views (i usually set everything to light/dark grey).

one thing i did notice was the log file was complaining about not finding the right font. it kept looking for defaultcaps/dejavusans and you've provided OpenSans-light/regular.

other than that i'm looking forward to seeing how you want to top this work. Smile
Nice work.

The only thing I've noticed that didn't seem right so far is that there's a "ViewType Options" in every view but there are no real options available (or I only checked the ones without options).
Also the navigation in "My Movies" etc is a bit odd as you can press Down to get to another list but pressing Up brings you back to the main menu.

Furthermore the font seems to have problems with Umlaut, see

Last but not least a suggestion: Though I like the violet colouring it would be awesome if there were other colour options. I know this is probably not easy because a lot of the colours and effects are achieved through images but having different colour themes would be awesome.
Great work! It's awesome to finally see this coded.
I'm not much of a fan of the changes and additions you made to phyek's original concept, but since you've also implemented the view types he had in mind that's really no problem at all. This is probably one of the best skins out there. Really good job. Smile
Great skin good views one suggestion in gallery view at episode level what about using the episode thumb instead of fanart or use extrafanart to cycle the image
Oh my! This is absolutely stunning. I think I finally found the skin that might make me leave my still functional and beautiful reFocus skinned Eden setup and update to Frodo with a gorgeous skin.

Some questions:
1. Does the skin support video addons, is there a dedicated shortcut in Main Menu?
2. Does it have banner views for tv shows?
3. Does OSD have buffering progress bar when playing streaming content?

Thank you, and congratulations!
Hey Nessus,

Well done mate, good work! There's some lovely ideas in this.

Cheers Wink