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Full Version: TVDB - Not able to connect to refresh tv showd
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Got a windows box rubbing xbmc. All was good but today I added a new show so wanted to refresh the folders and files.

When I refreshed it said it was unable to connect.

Is anyone having this issue.

It's working now.. Odd
The TVDB site probably was maxed out at the time. There have been other recent reports of sporadic problems accessing the site for updates.
Have patience grasshopper.
(2013-03-08, 04:05)nickr Wrote: [ -> ]Have patience grasshopper.

you mean patience young grasshopper lol
Thanks.. Strange .

Thanks for the replies.. Thought it was just me having the issues

Its not just you TVDB has been sort of not working for a week, considering the site is always going down for too much traffic or other things, how about posting on their forums, if there is a problem or perceived problem it should be reported there, posting it here is hardly going to get any results other than be patient Wink

I'm getting the same problem with TvShows and also with movies:


the movie was: Hitchcock (2012)
I'm running an old version of XBMC Live (Camelot) and I'm having the same problems. TV shows won't refresh, new shows can't be added and it won't even recognise new episodes which I've added since the local library was last refreshed ('Scan for new content').

Haven't used my XBMC for a while so no idea when it started...my 13mth old daughter had knocked my Revo to the floor a few times since I last used it so I first thought it was some kind of crash/corruption.

It's fine for movies so I assumed it's the scraper I'm using, which is TVDB, but the same symptoms show when I change to any of the other TV scrapers (TVRage, IMDBtv, etc).
Seems that the TVDB admins are aware...just found this on their forum:

"There is a known issue right now which the admins believe is due to cloudflare and is being looked into. We'll let you all know when we find out more."