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Full Version: Does Argus TV support repeat recordings?
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Ok, another question that I searched and couldn't find the answer to:

I'm running Frodo with Argus TV PVR plugin, and HDHomerun Dual, and SchedulesDirect data. Everything seems to be working. I've read that the only option for recording a series is to set a recurring day/time recording like "every Monday at 7:00pm", which is fine but I can't seem to do it. In another thread someone mentioned that I can accomplish this by creating a timer and then editing the timer and changing the "Day" to a different "mode" which would allow this. So, I see the "Day" field in my timer, but it only has a date and it appears that I can only change that date, with no option to make it repeat.

I'm still new at this, so it's unclear what's handled by XBMC versus what's handled by the PVR plugin. Do different plugins have different options for repeat recordings, or am I doing something wrong? Is there a better plugin for Windows and the HDHomerun? This was recommended in another thread and outside of this problem it seems to be working fine.

I'm sorry in advance if this has already been answered. I searched, looked on the wiki, and haven't really been able to find an answer to this.

Argus can do all sorts of scheduling wizardry. E.g. you can tell it to record shows containing 'blah' in the title whenever on around a certain time on a certain channel, while ignoring repeats.


Do this at the PVR end (all scheduling, really).
Thanks. I had been focusing on the XBMC UI, but it's good to know I can accomplish this in the Argus UI. That does look fairly full featured, so maybe I'll just use that until the PVR plugin gets more of this functionality.

Thanks again for the help!
It's actually what I'm doing, and it proved to be very flexible and reliable.
Yeah, I've been playing around with it today and I'm quite pleased with the web UI for scheduling recordings.

Couple quick questions for anyone who can help:
1. Is there an easy way to have XBMC scrape the Argus recordings so that I can have them available in "TV Shows"? I've added the recordings directory as a source however I don't think XBMC can parse the filenames and/or directory structure. I've looked around the Argus settings and haven't found a way to customize the filenames.
2. The recordings are often missing from the LiveTV/Recordings page in XBMC. If I navigate around the left menu then it seems they'll show up, but it would be great to have them there. I've seen this issue mentioned in one or two other threads, but I'm not sure if there's a fix or config change to resolve it?

Otherwise everything seems quite good with this PVR configuration.

Check out ForTheLibrary for adding recordings to library and I think the only way to get recordings to show in xbmc is to press select/enter on the recordings tab but that's not really a problem as you need to navigate there anyway
Thanks. I'm okay with clicking the recordings button, but I know my wife will roll her eyes. FWIW, this tends to become a problem when you select "recordings" from the lower submenu or LiveTV on the main menu. I think I'd be all set if this forced a refresh, but I don't think it does. No worries, I know the PVR stuff is fairly basic right now.

Thanks for the tip on ForTheLibrary. I'll check it out.
I've played around with a variety of different PVR back ends and I'm now completely sold on Argus (also using HDHomeRun dual to get all load of the MediaCenter). I've also got the recorded shows showing up in the TV section. Within Argus set up the recording file format so that it will be recognised by XBMC (I've used %%TITLE%%\s%%SERIES2%%e%%EPISODENUMBER2%%-%%EPISODETITLE%%_%%CHANNEL%%_%%DATE%%_%%HOUR%%-%%MINUTES%%) and then just point XBMC at the share set up to scrape TV. It will only work as well as the XMLTV data that you have but it works for me.