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Full Version: Welsh Translation of XBMC
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Hi, I'd like to offer a translation of XBMC into Welsh. I've been trialing a beta version of core and Confluence and have got positive feedback. Would it be possible to set up Welsh as an additional language and start the process of including Welsh in the final builds?
Hi Gwgan!

Thanks for the interest. Of course it is possible. Just go up to Transifex, join and make a language team request for Welsh language.
I'll than accept it and you can start translations right away.

Just go here:

Thanks, Cheers,
Da iawn! (Welsh for Yay! (sort ofSmile).
The translation is now up to 100%. Is there anything else I need to be doing?

No - but if you keep an eye on it, when new strings are added or changed they will need to be translated again.
Thanks for the translation !

I will add Welsh to Frodo 12.2. Look out for that.
Thanks, that's great!
Diolch yn fawr, fydd yr wraig yn hapus iawn efo hwn. (Ma hi yn athrawes gymraeg)

Diolch Gwgan
Great news that there is now a Welsh translation.

Our FireTV isn't working so well lately and I've just discovered Kodi.

Could I please join as a Welsh translator? I see there is work to be done to bring Welsh back to 100%.

I've got quite a bit of Welsh localisation experience - VLC, Android AOSP & LineageOS, Mozilla, LibreOffice, K-9 Mail, and more.

(2018-11-21, 12:56)Cymrodor Wrote: [ -> ]Could I please join as a Welsh translator? I see there is work to be done to bring Welsh back to 100%.
Kodi translations are done via the Transifex website.
You'll need to create a (free) account first.

EDIT: I see you already have an account. You should be added as a translator now to the Welsh language.