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Full Version: Local trailer clarification
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Just to clarify, if you are using DVD folders the naming for local trailers is movie-trailer.ext right?

Also, my library is setup, using MySQL. If I want to add a trailer to an existing library movie, do I have to redo the whole database. Using Mq4, its not seeing the trailer even after I do a refresh on the movie info or after updating library.
Ok tried with just confluence and still didnt work. I'm using Frodo by the way. I also deleted my database and re scanned it. Same result.
Anyone successfully using local trailers with movie folders?
Yes, me again. Ok i got it to work, it has to be in the VIDEO_TS folder or BDMV folder to work. Now, call me crazy, but I was under the assumption that since the Frodo requirement pulled the metadata out of those folders and into the root folder that would have included the trailer as well. Don't understand why that didn't happen, but I guess thats why you shouldnt assume.