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Full Version: VNSI4 alpha
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also note - I have not tested this build so you can be the guinea pig!

Never have time to play with my pi.
no problem.. i have different sd-cards.. so no problem to put it on one of them and give it a try :-)
(2013-04-10, 15:30)PeaceMkr Wrote: [ -> ]Ok. I want to check out the new timeshift-feature and have a look how stable the actual snapshot is working. the osd is not working with the pi right?

Wrong, means the osd is working on the pi.
here you go Rpi, Openelec, XBMC gotham, VNSI4 > https://www.dropbox.com/sh/57biit039oyxq2c/1flNEvl1U4

Quote:no problem.. i have different sd-cards.. so no problem to put it on one of them and give it a try :-)

In my experience there is no need to swap SD cards. If a build doesn't work properly you can just manually update to another and it should be fine. Nothing wrong with being over cautious tho!
Hey charlie, thanx for your help. In the afternoon i will give an info how it works. compiled and installed the server-part right now from work.
Im really interessted in timeshifting.. :-D
Sorry for doublepost.. updated openelec now also from work but im getting a Protocol-Error.
For the VNSI-Server ive cloned git://github.com/FernetMenta/xbmc-pvr-addons.git and used the included vnsi-server-plugin.
Did i use the wrong git-URL?
You need branch vnsi4 (git checkout vnsi4). The plugin needs to be loaded with vnsiserver4
Got it.. Thanks.. Im not so much into git.. Now it connects flawless...

First Info: All working almost perfect. Only "problem" ive seen till now is, that Language-Setting in Confluence-Skin is not consistent.
My Setup is in German an @ the Mainscreen Movies/TV Shows appears and not Filme / TV-Serien.
But TV is working perfect so far, OSD is working and Timeshift works too. Great work Fernet and thanks to charlie for the package :-D
Just updated my server and clients and it works pretty good. zapping around seems to be faster then with vnsiserver3 and openelec 3 to me.
Just wondering, my tuner is sometimes slow when accessing CAM. Occasionally it can take around 10-15s before I can get encypted live (hd) channel playing.

I have set "Timeout when starting playback" to 20 sec but when this happens I get XBMC notification: VDR No signal after ~10s (=before timeout value) - channel playback starts ok few secs after this. Is there another setting on vdr I should be looking at or could it be a bug? I'm asking because I didn't have this issue when I was using XVDR.

Thanks, Ez.
Maybe "no signal" is not the correct term. This is displayed in intervals of 5 seconds, I think the first is 10 secs, if vnsi is not able to parse any packets. This is the case if no data comes from vdr or packets are encrypted. It shows that the system still alive and tries demuxing.
Ah, ok. I thought something like this appears only when connection timeouts. I'm not really sure such info is any useful, there is already buffering progress dialogue. It's little bit confusing, there are two different timeouts (addon settings + live tv section settings) and yet this notification is not really related to any of them but it looks like something is wrong with vdr then in next second channel starts playing fine. If it supposed to stay in case when playback is starting, maybe it would be nice to add some sort of timer to it (ie. No channel signal for 10s). It should make more sense what's really going on before channel playback starts or timeouts. Wink
I admit that this can be improved. There are a couple of use cases where it makes sense presenting the state to the user, i.e. use of DVB-S and there is a thunderstorm between dish and satellite, or user wants to activate a card or pay-per-view. The latter can take several minutes before you get a picture.
How about being more specific with the message:
1) demuxer: no data
2) demuxer: scrambled
3) demuxer: unknown error
yup I understand it can be useful in those cases. Do I understand it right, that this only appears before channel timeouts? Or does it have higher priority (because channel timeout maximum is 60 sec)?

These message are better than No signal Smile Those are different scenarios, right?
For example you can have No data with FTA channel while tuned
and Scrambled message while tuned to Encrypted channel and waiting for CAM
or No data while tuned to Encrypted channel without data (thunderstorm in your case)

I wouldn't mind something more user friendly like Channel: No Data , Channel: Encrypted or Channel: Scrambled but it's up to your preference Wink
Channel timeout has no impact on vnsi and afaik it doesn't on tvheadend either. We return zero packets to player if demuxer times out and only return null in case of connection to backed gets interrupted (which is also the case if a recording interrupts live tv).
It's up to the user to try as long as desired which is also the behavior of TVs and STBs.

Yes, those are different scenarios and I struggled in the past knowing the reason when user reported "no signal". So this is a good point in time to change it. I am fine with your suggestion: Channel: No Data, ....
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