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Full Version: VNSI4 alpha
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I added a vdr setup option to configure directory for file buffer. Accessible via vdr UI or setup.conf
Would it be possible to limit vnsi connection only to serve recordings and not live TV/epg? Let's say VDR is used natively for watching TV on another machine, so it's undesired xbmc can "steal" live TV, yet I would like to be able to play recordings, because it doesn't interfere with anything.
Why don't you set priority to -1 on the machine you don't desire to watch live tv. Then it won't interrupt any other clients.
Is it in vnsi settings?
Not sure what you call vnsi settings. It's the addon settings dialog where you also specify ip and port of the vdr server.
Ok I see it, thank you.
Hi FernetMenta, really nice new features with this release. Thank you!
I'm tempted to switch from XVDR but I'm wondering how does VNSI addon handle channels with multiple audiotracks? Is there a way to have preferred langauge audio stream played on every channel (I'd like to have Czech audiotrack by default, but I use xbmc with English UK region/strings - is that a problem?)
Or do you have to set correct language audio track manually each time for each channel.
Or when you select an audio track in client, this track will be used next time I watch this channel?

Thanks for answer.
You set preferred audio language in settings - appearance - international. If your desired language is available in the input stream, it will be chosen.
nice, thanks Smile I will try this version over weekend.
(2013-03-13, 18:57)FernetMenta Wrote: [ -> ]- recordings in progress are seekable now, requires an update of XBMC
It works, can skip forward and backward, no problem. But, if I stop watching and start watching again on this channel, it always starts at the beginning. It would be cool continuing at the last position Wink
- vnsi addon settings have a new open "timeshift" which allows the client to request it. If the clients requests timeshift and this is not enabled on the server, it has no effect.
It is a good idea if client can decide if he wants timeshift buffer or not. What do you think about this:
  1. Let client decide if he wants timeshift or not (that is what you implemented in your last release)
  2. Let client decide if he wants buffer in ram or in file (mechanism are already there, see 1.)
    0 == No timeshift, 1 = Buffer in RAM, 2 = Buffer in file
  3. Let client decide how big the buffer should be
    0 = Take server configuration, 1-20 Size in 100MB(Ram) or 1GB(File)
So, every client can make his own decision which kind of timeshift buffer he wants

Quote:- optimized file buffer method. It works well with an external HDD connected to a USB 2 port. (at least on the machine I tested with)
yes, it works now much better. Watching a HD-LiveTV with timeshift buffer is located on an external 2.5" USB2 HD is no problem now
Quote:It would be cool continuing at the last position

This would require to store position for every possible client. Maybe in the next iteration.

Regarding configuration.
Ideally the entire account management is on the server. It does provide the resources and knows its limits. Another example is allowed_hosts where client access is defined. But this requires a UI and storage area for the data.
Hi FernetMenta,
Do you know if XBMC 12.1 will be compatible with VDR UI (with GLES) of VNSI4 ?
Compatible yes, but the vdr UI won't show. The required gui lib won't be backported to Frodo branch because it's more a feature than a fix. VNSI4 checks the version of the lib and if version is less than required, vdr UI won't be available.
I did

git clone https://github.com/FernetMenta/xbmc.git xbmc-$dat_ext
cd xbmc-$dat_ext
git clone --branch vnsi4 git://github.com/FernetMenta/xbmc-pvr-addons.git pvr-addons

and get this
src/VNSIAdmin.cpp:373:12: error: type '<type error>' argument given to 'delete', expected pointer
src/VNSIAdmin.cpp: In member function 'virtual bool cOSDRenderGL::Init()':
src/VNSIAdmin.cpp:382:3: error: 'vis_shader' was not declared in this scope
src/VNSIAdmin.cpp:382:20: error: expected type-specifier before 'CVisGUIShader'
src/VNSIAdmin.cpp:382:20: error: expected ';' before 'CVisGUIShader'
What is you host system? This code is in the block of
#if defined(HAVE_GLES2)

Please post config.log of pvr-addons.
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