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Full Version: VNSI4 alpha
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I have a new version VNSI4 available for testing. I just finished coding and haven't done too much testing but for those of you who want to try here they are. Addon and vdr plugin are required.

Frodo version:

XBMC 13 version:

New features:
  • Full timeshift support
    configurable as buffer in RAM or file
    addmin dialog in LiveTV settings - client specific
    pause of live stream
    navigation in buffer, seek, ff/rw

  • Playback of recordings in progress
    If a recording is in progress, simple click the channel just as you would start live playback
    When the recording is finished, it switches to live automatically.

  • Priorities
    Setting of priorities for live view in addon settings dialog (default 0)
    Higher priorities can interrupt lower ones. Default priority for recordings is 50 (LiveTV settings - recordings)
    If you have multiple clients, those with higher priority can interrupt live view of others.

  • VDR UI
    only available for XBMC 13
    accessible through settings -live tv - clients specific

PVR seek functions in XBMC 12 are rather broken. We have just fixed those in master. As long as those fixes have not been backported to Frodo, you have more fun with XBMC 13 when trying this.
Thank you very much for the new version an the amazing new features! I would love to try this on my IPad an want to know if the addon v4 is included in the last iOS XBMC 13 nightlies?
It's not in the nightlies yet. I want to do some testing before I submit this to opdenkamp repo. Once there it will appear in the nightlies.
Which XBMC should be used
- git://github.com/FernetMenta/xbmc.git
or this
- https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc.git
- don't care
With regard on vnsi it does not matter but if you run XBMC on Linux with AMD/Nvidia gfx or RPi you want to use my repo.
Thanks for this Version.

It compiled and works with (at a first view )
- VDR 1.7.39
- https://github.com/FernetMenta/xbmc.git
- --branch vnsi4 git://github.com/FernetMenta/xbmc-pvr-addons.git

On Linux / Nvidea PC
Watch the changes on the repo, I pushed some fixes today.
As I see, clientspecific in TV-Settings works for me only with Confluence Skin. Transparency crashes. OK, thats not your Problem, I think
I don't need it, but its great to see VDR OSD in xbmc. Thanks for this

A question to Timeshift:
This is a permanent timeshift ? Watching a channel, I can pause at anytime and rewind for the time a just watched ?
and second, how big is the time Window (about) with the default Settings of 500MB RAM ( 15 minutes for HD ? )
The timeshift buffer is a ringbuffer. It will start overwriting the contents at the beginning once reached the end. In case yo have paused playback and the write pointer reaches current position it has to drop new packets.
You can navigate the entire buffer. Consider the buffer is full and you have 30 min content, seeking at the beginning brings to to time X. Then you watch some video and navigate forward. If you navigate to the beginning 5 minutes later, you get time X + 5 min becuase the write pointer moved forward.
A 1080i@50 recording of 2 hours has something between 10-12 gig. In this case you won't get far with 500MB. You may want it set close to 2 gig.

I think I need to increase the read cache for the file method. It worked ok on my dedicated vdr server but I has problems on the other machine using a USB HDD.

Thanks for the info with other skins. I will look into it, it should not crash.
I forgot to mention: the VNSI settings dialog requires an XML file provided by the skin. I have done this for Confluence. This is the reason why it currently does not work for other skins.

It may work if you copy the the content from addons/pvr.vdr.vnsi/addon/resources/skins/skin.confluence to whatever other skins require
Ah, thanks for the Information with the xml File

>> The timeshift buffer is a ringbuffer ...
Ok, thats what I thought it is. And yes, 500MB is to less for timeshifting.
I better should insert 4GB of RAM into the Client Maschine. And permanent write and delete on a SSD disk ... Hmmm. Maybe I use NFS Share
Great news Smile

Just compiling your xbmc master branch (takes a little bit more time on my htpc), then comes the addon and at least vnsiserver ... and then .... i will start a test session.

Will see and report what happens.

Unfortunately playing still growing recordings don't work. The same behaviour as bevor.
I start watching a Recording that starts an hour bevor, Stream stops after this hour. Restart brings up the Movie from the Beginning
asshep, how did you start the recording? You need to start it by opening the channel which is recording not from the recordings list.
>> You need to start it by opening the channel ...
Aha. OK, I'd started it by opening the Recordings.
But opening the Channel starts the current LiveTV on that channel, shouldn't it ?
Or did I missunderstand "Opening Channel"?
Hmmm ... Watching LiveTv on that channel did not make any sense, thats true

Nevertheless I'll test it. Thanks for reply
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