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Full Version: xbmcbuntu dts audio bluray iso
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After a few days of banging my head against a wall and searching everywhere for a fix I thought it best to actually ask the question.

I have added a few bluray films as iso images and when I try to play them in xbmc the video is very choppy. This is only affecting the films with a dts soundtrack and not if its just dd, also if I switch to analogue audio the video plays ok but I am fairly sure i'm only getting stereo sound. I think I must have a setting wrong somewhere but I can't figure it out. I currently have my htpc connected to my receiver via hdmi and then onto the tv.

Any help with a fix would be appreciated.
Does your receiver support dts?
Sorry should have mentioned. Yes it does, I have the pioneer vsx-421.
And is it dts or dts-hd audio giving the problem? Also a debug log (wiki) will be needed.
Thanks for your help so far. The 2 films I am using are Casino Royale, which is DD and plays fine and The Departed which is DTS and is really choppy on hdmi audio but plays fine on analogue although is only stereo. When I do set the audio to hdmi my receiver is at least confirming that its picking up dts audio.

And my debug log is here http://paste.ubuntu.com/5598362/
I have found another thread where the suggestion is that it is an amd driver fault. If this is the case does anyone know if adding a dedicated sound card with digital out is likely to fix this?
I don't think that is a full debug log. However it looks like a dts-he not dts. Amd will not pass this through. Nvidia will.
Yeah just read that as well. Seems amd are being quite difficult with the linux drivers. I have turned dts-hd off and I do get standard dts which I am quite happy with for now. Do you know if adding a dedicated sound card would fix this issue?
No dts-hd can only be played over HDMI so another sound card will not help.
Well thats something I didn't know, thanks. Certainly won't be using amd products again until they can sort these issues out, they shouldn't be so far behind their competition on something like this. Thanks for your help anyway.