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Full Version: Auto Movie Renaming Moving and Scraping
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I'm setting up XBMC for the first time and realizing that i have absolutely terrible folder structures for my existing collection. Basically I've been throwing them all into a folder named "Movies"
Television shows are about the same with multiple shows and seasons all thrown into the same folder. Music is in the same boat but i'm not really that concerned.

I want to move all of this to a much more organized file structure that i see recommended for XBMC with nested folders for each movie/show/season/episode
Rather than doing this by hand for each item is there any software to take my collection, identify each movie/episode, and then move them to the correct folder path?

The end result i want to have a folder that i can put my new content into and it is sorted and moved out of it into the correct position.
I use this


It should scan all the files you have, check the name and then rename it to something the xbmc scrapers can use. You can also tell it that your current "movies" folder is the source and create another folder for destination you can then modify the settings easily so it will create a subfolder with the name of the movie. It will also create folders and season folders for Television shows. And, it's free. I don't know how large your current library is, but I would be cautious of tossing tons of files in it at once. Do them in small batches and it should work fine. I hear a lot of folks talk of ember media manager also, but I have never used it.

Hope that helps