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Full Version: Ouya xbmc when?
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Hi xbmc team

What's the status of ouya? I saw some videos with xbmc ouya on YouTube, it looks promising. Seems like it can beat the beast (apple tv2). Is xbmc working on a version for ouya?

Rasp and Xios has failed to deliver same performance or at least value for money for EU users.

This ouya is very price competitive and yet much more powerful. We all know xbmc will work on ouya eventual.

It's just whether we have to wait months or year? I that's my question. As we all know, xbmc team like to take its time for perfection.
Excuse my ignorance but is ouya released yet?
PS have you seen this? http://androidcommunity.com/xbmc-up-and-...-20130308/
(2013-03-09, 02:40)nickr Wrote: [ -> ]Excuse my ignorance but is ouya released yet?

No. June. Ouya.tv for info
You can always sideload the android test builds. The box you saw demo'ed used the "off the shelf" libstagefright builds currently in testing, so you should have no issue with XBMC on Ouya from day one. At least with test builds.
Wowe Nathan is xbmc developer, Great!!!!!
Just ordered my ouya.

I really hope this is going to be the killer product! It's great to see a developer with ouya in hands before launch, this will help xbmc work on the unit ahead.

Xios is a great product too. But several factors make it unwanted.

I saw the video on YouTube, i looks very promising.

Just made my donation to xbmc today Smile
Quote:Xios is a great product too. But several factors make it unwanted
such as?
The price: the cost is around 145euro to purchase an xios box. (biggest factor!!!)
The remote: the remote is of very poor reception/quality.
The stability: last i tried, the settings kept resetting, when i shut down the box, further xbmc can freeze it time forcing you to reset. Running plugins is slow compared to windows and apple tv xbmc. (take time to load the thumbnails and pages. (some of these are fixable by reading up xios forum, but no update firmware is available yet.

However currently XIOS is the best device next to the Apple tv 2 box. no doubt about that. Alot of work and investment has been put into xios, just feel firmware updates are slow, when taking into consideration, the box has been out for a long time, and known fixable bugs exists.

The OUYA is 125USD for worldwide shipment, so price is great... with the same spec as nexus 7, hopefully it will kick ass, once xbmc team does the magic.

Please please, dont drag this for years, we are hungry for an alternative device!!!!!!
I am not sure who you think is dragging anything out. The video I linked to looked pretty good to me.