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Full Version: Media Centre Start up with Apple TV
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Hi, I am new to the forum and have begun investigations into establishing a media centre in my home. I am an Apple Mac environment with an Intel based iMac, Motorola based iMac, iPad, iPhones and an Apple TV. Everything is wirelessly connected (802.3n) to an ADSL2+ service that is currently delivering me 33.3mbps downstream - I am around 4.3KMs from the exchange and near the distance limit of ADSL2+.

Based on research so far I am considering using the Apple TV (Gen 2 & yet to be jailbroken) coupled with a Synology NAS (probably a DS413j). I am also considering an Elgato digital TV tuner for the iMac and have this connected to the external ariel. XBMC appears to be the media centre software of choice. So how to get there?

Basically, I want to stream digital free to air TV, internet, audio/music and ripped DVD movies from my NAS via Apple TV to my TV/screen. BTW, thinking of replacing my existing 42" plasma with a larger (60") LCD/LED panel.

So, without going into to much details, the questions I have are:

1. Is this doable?
2. Comments of choice of NAS and TV tuner? other quality and reliable device recommendations are welcome;
3. Should I use the Apple TV (existing) or consider a Mac Mini??
4. Am I able to stream content from the NAS (movies and music) via a jailbroken Apple TV with XBMC?
5. What about Auto Updates on the AppleTV? Will this interfer with the jailbroken nature of the device?
6. Any tips and tricks?
7 Other commentary.

Thanks in Adfvance

Tony - newbie