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Full Version: Please help me stream from Dish Hopper with Sling
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I've tried to follow the instructions for setting up my raspbmc to stream from my Dish Hopper with built in Slingbox. The instructions don't cover some things like what is the user and password for my Dish Hopper with Slingbox.

Please only reply if you have actually set this up before or if you have helped someone successfully set it up. I've already tried many things that have been suggested by people that are just trying to help but at the same time have no experience with this box.

No suggestions huh
Well, you were specific in asking only for people who've specifically set this up.
I guess I'm just surprised that nobody has been successful with this yet. The hopper with slingbox is a very popular DVR.
if im not mistaken slingbox works with xbmc? so if someone could please shine some light on getting dish networks the hopper with sling to work on there that would be great! Im thinking i may just go buy an ouya and put the dish app on there as well as xmbc. But it would be nice to run it on my HTPC becuase its much faster. Advanced launcher....sling plugin....anything? here is the forum on how to get slingbox to work on xbmc SLINGBOX ON XBMC Just not sure on how to go about it with dish as i think you have to go through their servers, not just from your own IP.....i may be wrong, haven't tried it.

If anyone figures this out please post it!!! I would love to be able to watch my dish on all my xbmcbuntu htpc's
i have been trying to figure this out for months i am no closer lol help would be great thank you.
Has anyone gotten this yet? Very interested.