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Full Version: XBMC nightly crashes with 7.1 audio-midi setup
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I've been using the nightly builds recently and have noticed a bug in the last few days (since xbmc-20130307-9c1e763-master-x86_64). If the Audio-Midi setup on my Mac Mini is set to anything other than 2 channels (any bitrate) and the audio setup in XBMC is 2 channels, XBMC immediately crashes at startup.
Here's a log - http://pastebin.com/X1P13j2q. Setting the Audio-Midi setup to 2 channels allows XBMC to start.

You can set the audio in XBMC to any number of channels, and it will start as long as the Audio-Midi utility is either set to 2-channels or to the same number of channels as XBMC. Since I use other apps that don't take over the audio bus like XBMC, I need to keep the Audio-Midi setup set at 7.1 channels (24bit) to get surround sound from those programs. XBMC will send surround sound to my AV amp even if the Audio-Midi setup is at 2-channels.

Mac Mini core 2 duo, 10.6.8, HDMI output for video and audio to a Sony CT150 AV receiver.