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Full Version: Problems adding to the Library
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Hi Guys..

I have a problem adding TV shows to the lib and could do with some help.

I deleted a couple of shows from the lib, but not from the file system.

Then I did a recan, but it wouldnt re add the shows..

Then I tried removing the entire TV show source and re adding.

It added back all the series, but not every episodes. Lots of the shows, if I go into them are showing up incomplete.

re scanning and checking for content doesnt do anything.

How do I get these back in? Why is the scan not seeing them?

Please help before I put a brick through it!

I even tried upgrading from 11 to 12 and same issue
It's just a guess but I think it's something to do with tvdb scraping them. Seems they are having probs.
I'm having issues with tv shows too