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Full Version: XBMC on mac mini....
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Hi there guys, i've just purchased a mac mini late 2012 edition.

When i run XBMC on it though, it seems to max out the 4GB of ram whilst watching a film. Which in turn causes the film to become juddery during play back. It's usually about 40min into the film that this happens.

Any ideas on a solution?

You've actually stumbled across a bug we've been trying to fix for a bit now :)

It seems to only happen to some macs in some situations. Check out the discussion and test builds in this thread: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=148243

IIRC, a quick fix for some has been to disable digital audio options in XBMC's Settings -> System -> Audio output.
Had disabled all digi' audio stuff, but it still seemed to persist. For the time being i've switched back to eden.

I didn't see this section of the forum till after posting in general. Good luck to getting it sorted! Smile