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Full Version: No thumbnnails for some WMV files
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Hi folks. I am a recent convert to XBMC. I am trying to get all my media set up to look good. I just set up a new video source which contains quite a few folders of home videos. Some are WMV, some are MP4.

The oddity is that some folders of WMV files have thumbnails for each file in the folder and some have no thumbnails whatsoever for the WMV files in the folder. I can't figure out any different between the WMV files in different folders. I used the same tool in all cases to convert the video files from my camcorder to WMV format. It just doesn't make sent to me.

Any thoughts that would help. It's really frustrating me.

Thanks ...... Rob
Are you looking at the files via a library mode or via Videos > Files?

Under certain circumstances XBMC will make its own poster/thumbnail images from videos. I have no idea what those circumstances are. But the image is taken from some arbitrary point in the video, and may be the wrong aspect ratio.

You are better off providing your own poster for each video. Either provide a photograph or use VLC to capture a snapshot of a frame that would make a good poster. Crop it to Width/Height = about 0.67, and put it in the same folder with the video. If your videos are in separate folders you can name it poster.jpg, if all in the same folder you can name it <videoname>-poster.jpg. You can also make a fanart photo for the video the same way.

This is assuming you are looking at it in library mode. You may also want to provide an NFO file for various reasons.