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Full Version: Pants scanner
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So I had a little go at linux (ubuntu) on my mac mini late 2012 and gave up with it when it became clear i couldn't get one kernel that the driver (a hack, because the actual driver from broadcom does not work) for the ethernet card worked and hd-audio would coexist in.

so being as hd-audio is a complete no go on the mac (boo hiss apple) i reverted back to windoze and then remembered why i went to linux as an option in the first place, i really want to get argus to work but it's scanner side of things in the recorder module is truly awful, really IT STINKS !!!!!!!!

i've tried nextpvr , the software that came with my cards and mediaportal and they all find more channels than the argus scanner, the argus scanner is the only one i've tried so far that halfway through the scan completely forgets what it's doing and seems to be away with the faeries or something, because all i get is blasted no signal after no signal after no signal. again i'd like to stress that no other scanner i've tried does this with my setup.

i have a pctv 460e , a hauppage nova s2 for satellite duties, and a pctv 290e for terrestrial signals , both pctv's have been tried with the latest vendor drivers and the windows offerings and it makes no difference whatsoever , the hauppage has been tried with 2.6 and 2.7 drivers again with no difference between the two.

i really want the argus scheduler as i feel it offers way more than any of the other winblows offerings but the damn scanner is woefully letting the side down.

anybody here have any suggestions other than for me to take a running jump ?

ps. in case it's relevant, it's also been tried with mysql 5.5 , 5.6, ms sql 2008 express and 2012 express and it doesn't make any difference.