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Full Version: button_focus and Button_nofocus.png files bad?
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i am having a problem with those two png images. my program loads all the others but these two it will not. these are from the pm3 source. if i load them in a paintprogram and hit printscreen and the crop back down to that image and save as png they work fine. is there something in the alpha or any other channel that may create this problem?

this is the first time with dealing with png files so i am not sure what to expect.

if it matters i am using tpngimage by gustavo daud ver. 1.5
button-focus.png and button-nofocus.png are just fine using photoshop, the problem is in button-nofocus.jpg that isn't really a jpg file but it is a png renamed in jpg (or anyway this is the only trick that let me edit this file).
btw chokey will answer this surely better than me :p
no when i try loading these and one more i found(calibrate-bottomright-focus.png) they say invalid image! all the other png files load fine. like i said if i use paintshop pro they load fine, but using delphi, or my program they say invalid. even ms paint will load them. that is why i am confused as to why. there has to be something different about those 3 images. hmmmm....
if we can identify what they should be so we can fix it in cvs that would be great. no point having files renamed when they don't need to be.

irfanview is an app that can identify image type and correct the naming.

button-nofocus.jpg is indeed a renamed png

the button code is hardcoded to this name and when i first tried to make it semitransparent in one of my skins, all i could do was rename

same thing with music.jpg (the default icon shown during music, when theres no custom thumb present) this filename and extension is hardcoded too - the current texture didint need any transparency, so no renaming.

i cant recall messing with the calibration arrows thou. they were always a png anf they are skinable just fine
button-nofocus.png/jpg should be just fine - i can't find it hardcoded in any of the obvious files. please test.

you are probably right about music.jpg however (this should probably be remedied.)

might have been too lazy to change all the xmls Wink