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Full Version: The Movie Database / Universal Movie Scraper / Unable to connect to remote server
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I've been using XBMB (on a Mac Mini) since v11 and am a total convert. It's a wonderful piece of software - I've bored all my friends with how good it is and a number of them have finally given it a go and are just as enthused as I am.

However, with v12, I've had real problems when scraping movie information (get "Unable to connect to remote server"). WIth v11 it just worked but with V12, it takes *many* attempts go get the information from themoviedb.org. I have seen previously that this has been mentioned and the only suggestion has been to retry it because site is having problems. As scraping is such an important part of XBMC, it seems a little vague (no criticism intended).
I saw that there was another movie scraper - Universal Movie Scraper, so thought I'd use that instead. However, I've got a few problems:

1) I install the plugin but is then becomes uninstalled at some point (not disabled) - it says it's installed, then a day later, I go back to XBMC and it is no longer shown as being installed. Have I done something wrong?
2) When the Universal Movie Scraper plugin is installed, it seems to be blocked by The Movie Database scraper (which errors). I can't see a way of uninstalling the Movie database scraper.
3) I've seen a number of reports about movie information scraping not working very well, but it doesn't look as if it's considered especially important. I posted what I thought was the relevant part of my debug log but no solution so far. Is there anything that I could do to help diagnose this issue?

Many thanks
bump to this. i haven't been able to connect to a remote server in several weeks. just upgraded to frodo today and the problem persists. anyone have any insights here?

I am now having the same problem, Last week it was working fine this week it is not. I have changed nothing.