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Full Version: Skinning features
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is it possible for skins to define motion?
things like tweening animations, scren transition animations/effects.. it would be nice to have components on the screen move/slide/fade/whatever and have a tweening system from one screen to the next .. a really good example of this is stepmania.. its primarily 2d and has really good skinning support and really good animation/tweening from one screen to the next (the game is mostly menu's and status screen's)..

also .. it would be nice to be able to use 3d content in skin's ..
picture a 3d model of a cd case and the texture for the front cover replaced by the album cover image which spun around in 3d when it was selected .. (just a thought off the top of my head) .. these kinds of features would make xbmc feel very professional and would be very flexable for skinners...
none of the above is currently supported so moving to the feature suggestions forum. currently only moving things are animated gif's