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Full Version: Who's up for a Frodo Version
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I got a little excited today and updated Mediastream Redux to Frodo today so here is a test version to install if anyone cares anymore Smile lol
Nothing new in it aside from all the extra stuff xbmc frodo has (and no I don't mean PVR)
So please check it out and report any bugs in this thread so I can submit it to the repo

Well, this bought back fond memories so thanks for making it Frodo compatible. I installed it using the 'install from zip' option and initially it locked up so I restarted xbmc and selected the skin and can safely say it works beautifully.

I must point out I am currently running xbmc 13 alpha 1 so this might be the reason for the initial lock up but still, I am rather impressed with how well this skin has held up

Thanks Jezz_X
This is my favorite skin so I'm glad you're willing to update it. I've been running this on my HTPC since Dharma v10 was initially released back in December 2010. I care about this skin very much, thanks.

However, I do have one odd-ball request that I hope you'll consider: Please remember the few of us who use the File mode only, and don't really use the Library mode because I do not want to rename my files. I only use the library to the extent it gives me fanart/folder art.

In Dharma running Mediastream Redux, I could add a show, scan the show in the scraper (which would download the fanart/folder art and add the show, but not the episodes, to the library). Then, in the Video Options settings, I could export the library to separate folders, and the fanart would be placed in the show's folder as Fanart.jpg. When I went back to File view mode, the fanart/folder art displayed perfectly when browsing my folders that I had added.

Please enable this again, along with other views in File mode if possible. It was removed in the version for Eden for some reason, but I don't see why. It'd add so much to have this back again for the few of us who use File mode to browse instead of the library. Thanks.
I already know the answer but i'm going to ask it anyway Big Grin

Would you consider adding this toggle for selecting between fanart/poster/banner in tv shows? I thought that since the layouts were already there, and there's already a toggle for fanart this would be a logical place for them


Sweet! I loved this skin. It was solid on my xbox and I got really attached to it back then.

Then Aeon rose up and up but to this day I still miss the vertical navigation @ home.

Sure there are other skins which have that, but this skin was sophisticated looking in a way thT no other vertical scroller has been since. I always loved how bold it looked. The capital font, it was jst very easy on the eyes.

I also loved the 'rule of two thirds' idea -ok I made that term up! :-p of seeing about 1/3 ot the art at the top of the screen and below it, the list, the poster on the left.

It was the first time Id seen use of space like this in an xbmc skin.

It will be interesting to see how it fares now that Ive been used to Aeon Nox.

Im very glad you resurrected this skin. I think its very underrated.

first of all thank you for the revival of this really great skin - i love it! Smile

I think i found a bug in the recently added section of the videos - seems if it doesn't get updated after the initial scan of the library?
Hopefully it's a bug and not my fault Smile

Okay - it was my fault Wink I forgot to change the advancedsettings of Frodo! Smile
Great to see your keeping this alive Jezz. Viewing this forum brings back a few memories. :-)

wow! thanks a lot for the updated version! it works like a charm. You should consider to update the original skin post with this build. it took me a while to get this post!
Hi Jezz_X,

As a Christmas present, would it be possible for Mediastream Redux to integrate the hooks to support VideoExtras and the new TVTunes? You have done a beautiful work on this skin by the way!