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Full Version: Browse Audio and Video in same folder
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I am configuring posdcasts on my XBMC set up. I have gpodder which I control in my pc and then I would like to use HTPC to play the episodes.
The gpodder-downloads folder has a folder for each podcast where the audio or video files are stored.


The problem I face is that if I add this folder as a source in Videos and I browse it, I can only see the video files and if I add them to Music I can only browse the audio files.
It might be very easy to add this as another source to be able to browse both but I am not able to figure it out.

Is it possible to add a source somehow that contains both audio and video? I just want to browse it, I do not want it in the Music/Movie/TvShow library.

I am running Frodo 12.0 RC3 version and skin MQ4 on linux.

Any other idea to organize the podcast would be also appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Best regards.
  • You can use the XBMC file manager to view that directory and all files within it should be listed (System > File manager).
  • While in file manager, you can add that directory to Favourites. This allows you to go to the Favourites menu and select this item to open this directory in file manager.
  • If your skin supports it, you can create a shortcut that launches this favourite directly from the main menu.
Hello artrafael,

Thanks for the quick answer.
I can navigate over File manager but I cannot get the views (fanart, folder) like in Video/Audio sections. I think there will not be any work-around for that.
Besides, I could not add a folder to favourites from File manager by pressing "c" since it does not appear in the menu.

Thanks in advance.
Best regards.
That gpodder-downloads folder (or its parent, grandparent, etc.) has to be defined as a source in XBMC before it is listed in File manager. I assumed you had already done that since you said you were able to view video files on it.
Hello artrafael,

Thanks for your answer.
Yes, but in File manager, when I click "c" and I get the pop up, there is no "Add to favourites" option.

If someone is interested, at the end what I have done is:
I have created two folders in the OS in gpodder-downloads (Audio and Video).
I have created soft links from the folders that contains video/audio posdcasts to Video/Audio folder.
I have added Video and Audio folders to Favourites.
Then I have added Video Favourite (I renamed it to podcasts) to Movies submenu (in MQ4) and Audio Favourite (I renamed it to podcasts as well) to Music submenu.
I can select podcasts from Music submenu and browse only the audio directories/files. Same for podcasts on Video.

I need to create/remove the soft links from Audio/Video folders when I add/remove podcasts to gpodder but since I do not do it often this works for me.

Thanks artrafael for you help!
Best regards.