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Full Version: [RELEASE] ORF TVthek Video Addon
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- added UHD livestream option
- added Adaptive quality settings
- fixed "play all" item (issue #66)
- fixed "Bundesland Heute" livestream listing for the htmlscraper

i've pushed the update to the kodi repo. if you can't wait checkout my github
The addon is not working for me as of June 2018 until now (August 2018). I’m up to date with the version and tried to reinstall it, but still not working. Worked for years 😢
please supply debug logs and a detailed description of the problem. (kodi version and os can be useful as well)
Windows 10, Kodi 17.6, Latest version of the plugin installed
Logfile is here:
Logfile on paste.kodi.tv

I'm getting empty lists on every menu point.
looks like you have a problem with your internet connection. just tested the addon with win 10 and it works just fine. i saw that kodi also has problems getting scraper infos from tvdb (requests result in 404s). are you using a proxy server that stopped working? if thats not the problem please enable "Debug Logging" (System Settings => Logging => Enable debug logging) and post the log again.
I'm not using a proxy, ORF TVThek works when I'm watching via browser on the same machine

My Logfile
the error on line 2094 indicates that the tvthek page could not be fetched. since the addon is working fine on my test systems, there must be something wrong with your kodi install. can you try to install any addon from the official repo to test if the internet connection works? btw. kodi has its own proxy settings located at "System Settings => Internet Access => Use a proxy server"
also try "Settings => System Information => Network" and verify that "Internet:" says "Connected"
Use proxy: Off
Internet: connected
Can download other Addons

As I was saying in the first post: It was working fine until middle of June and I did not fiddle with any settings at the time. I will try to set as DNS, although if everything else works I don't think that's the problem
Changed DNS: no effect
I started the youtube addon and it was playing normally. I then deinstalled the ORF TVThek addon and reinstalled it. Still not showing any playlist in the ORF TVThek... :-(
hm thats weird. try removing the tvthek addon_data folder located in the kodi userdata directory und remove and reinstall the tvthek addon once again. also check the addons directory after removing the addon to see if there is still a tvthek folder and remove it manually if thats the case. cant really get to the bottom of this without beeing able to reproduce the issue
Ok, I uninstalled the addon, but C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\userdata\addon_data does not contain a folder plugin.video.orftvthek. I just found the Zip-files and am deleting them right now.

At this point I must say thank you for staying with me on this issue. It's really strange and an unnecessary hassle knowing I'm the only one with this issue. Having a small child at home takes priority away from other things and hobbies and leads to having small issues as this here stay unresolved for months.

Ok, after some searching I found the folder here:

Ah yes, easy to find :-D

Ok, after deleting the folder and reinstalling I end up with empy lists and "error, see logfile" inelifeqew (paste)
hm. if its not to much of a hassle i'd recommend to reinstall kodi. the addon data location is very weird. normally the settings.xml should be located  at 


you could backup your userdata folder in order to restore the kodi installation if this solution won't be successfull. the error in your last logfile is the same as in the ones before so i guess my previous tips didn't do anything Smile
Same issue as mentioned by @wientanz.

Same setup
 - Windows 10
 - Kodi 17.6
 - Latest version of the plugin installed

In the afternoon I will check the logfile.
please enable curl component logging
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