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Full Version: Spliting name of song correctly
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I'm not sure if this is the right sub furum, but I try it.

I would like to configure the correct split of the 'Now playing' information of a radio stream to get lyrics, fan art and so on by the usual add ons.

The information seems to be sent as %A - %T but the add on takes all as artist, e.g.
DEBUG: script.artistslideshow: current artist is 2 PAC - CALIFORNIA LOVE

<filter>%A - %T</filter>
to advancedsettings.xml has no effect. Confused

Where should the correct splitting be configured/done? Huh
It's probably got nothing to do with what is configured in advancedsettings etc. It'll be getting the information from the skin most likely (or perhaps from the infomanager). If from the skin, it's the skins fault. If from the infomanager it seems to be the script's fault.

Either way, ask in the corresponding script forum.