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Full Version: Foreign languages (Universal scraper/TheAudioDB)
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I started to use TheAudioDB through Universal Artist scraper in XBMC12

After my first scrap the information I received in the artist Bio where in english. I updated TheAudioDB with the french version of one artist but I was not able to receive this version in XBMC the only way was to suppress my music files from XBMC and start again and in this case I received the french version.

It seems that it is not possible to receive the french version if you have already received the english version

I post a request on TheAudioDB Forum and the answer was that I have to go to XBMC side ?

PS / the same happens with Confluence, AeonNox or GlassNox
I've the same problem with german language.

I think TheAudioDB is very young and depends on us (the community).
We have to enter the artist Bio.
I was not clear enough
The case is that. You have in your own XBMC base an artist bio in english. You go to TheAudioDB and update the bio with the french version, When you go back to XBMC it is not possible to refresh and replace the english bio by the french bio.

The only way is to suppress the file directory, restart XBMC, re select the music directory and in this case the bio in french is downloaded ?
Yes this is expected behaviour I think as the bio is in whatever language you select first.

Only fix is to re-import your library I think.

We are getting many French and German translations recently on TheAudioDB. Please help out and then this problem will hopefully dissapear in the future as you can always select your local language.

All big artists now have 15 different translations.

Albums translations still need a lot of work.

More explantion of how to do it here http://www.theaudiodb.com/forum/viewtopi...2252#p2252