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Full Version: Display video fanart in file mode while browsing among folders?
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Previously in Eden, if you had added a folder in File Mode, if that folder contained fanart.jpg, then when browsing in File mode, the fanart would display when you entered that folder (obviously), but also while browsing among folders (ie: without entering it, merely having the folder selected would show the fanart and thumbnail of that folder).

In Frodo with the new Confluence, File mode only displays fanart when you enter a folder, not merely select it. I would like to be able to see a folder's fanart as it previously occurred in Eden, while browsing among folders. How do I re-enable this feature in the skin (and ideally, in MediaStream Redux for Frodo as well)?
Enable stacking.
Unless I'm misunderstanding you, that did not work at all. Remember, I'm asking about file mode, not the library (I know they're merged, but the behavior is different). Assume I'm referring to a folder that contains un-scrappable clips of my own home movie files and stuff. I keep a fanart.jpg in that folder and a poster.jpg/banner.jpg in that folder also. When adding that folder to the Files, the fanart only displays when I enter the folder, not when browsing the folder structure.

Here's an example: I have a Folder called "Video Clips of my Trip to Paris". I have another separate Folder called "Video Clips of my Trip to Rome." As Fanart and Poster/Banner for each folder, I've used the correct high-resolution still pictures of my trips that I've taken, a background image of Paris, and one of Rome. I've added each folder separately to the Files. So when you browse File mode, you have 2 options: "Video Clips of my Trip to Paris", and "Video Clips of my Trip to Rome".

Previously in Eden, seeing these 2 folders in File mode would bring up the Fanart and Posters/Banners merely by selecting the appropriate folder. That does not occur anymore.

Testing this further, if I made each of these "Rome" and "Paris" folders subfolders of a folder called "Trips", and only added "Trips" to the Files, then navigating into "Trips" in File mode suddenly shows the 2 subfolders, and in that view, the fanart and posters/banners are displayed when the subfolder is selected. But why is that the case? Why isn't the fanart and posters/banners displayed merely when the folders are separately added? I can't understand it. If I'm doing something wrong, please let me know. Again, this was not the behavior of Confluence in Eden, so if this can be edited I'd like to know. Thanks for the help.
It's probably only a "root" level problem?
Yes, it appears to be a problem displaying the art at the root level. I'm hoping this can easily be fixed.
That could well be by design. We don't want to have to query root level items to see if a fanart image is there as the root level item may not be connected (and it may take a long time to determine that).
But wouldn't the fanart/folder art merely be cached anyway? So the query would be done once, right?

I did some additional testing. In Eden, items added to File mode that are scrapped to the Library normally don't show fanart in File Mode by default (even though all other artwork is in Library mode). But if the library is exported to separate files (copying the fanart to that source folder), then the fanart does show up in File view (at the root level). So the functionality exists (at least for items in the library) to show Fanart/Folder Art in File mode. This existed in Eden Confluence. For some reason, Confluence in Frodo no longer does this.

I am certain this is a skin-thing that can be altered.
The problem isn't those shares with art, the problem is those shares with no art. With no art, we have to hit them to check for it. This can take time for shares that may not be connected for whatever reason, which can lead to bad experiences. At least once you're browsing a share, you know it's connected so you can check at will.
In any event, is there a fix for this skin to allow what existed in Confluence Eden? That is, for items scrapped to the library to show their fanart/folder art while in file mode? This should be easy enough to post a fix. That would at least allow file mode to behave the same way as the library when browsing among it and other non-scrappable folders (which currently do not show such art).